Separation Technologies

Advanced separation technologies remove harmful particles and separate aerosols, some of which can be captured and reused in industrial processes.

The separators are adapted for the unique requirements of the food processing industry on materials, performance, temperature and durability.

The separator separates fluid particles with a disc stack rotating at up to 3000 rpm by utilizing the density difference between the gas and the particles. The separator copes with liquid and solid particles and with a variety of oils and particulates.

As no filtration media is used, maintenance is very limited and there is no build-up of pressure drop. This translates into lower operating costs and continuous, stable performance.

The installation is very compact and provides the maximum available productive space.


Dry particles or dust are often present in the exhaust air that we treat for our customers and may come from several sources and processes. To reach emission limits and also to ensure that the following treatment stages in the system and not affected, dust needs to be filtered out. Here we work with partners to offer suitable filtration for the application and conditions at your site. The filtration is integrated in the complete installation so that the performance is reached, and that service is optimized.

Mist eliminator

From certain processes the air contains liquid droplets, it may be from a scrubber, condensation or similar. It may also be foam that is formed occasionally, for instance in certain water treatment applications, such as an intake to a sewage plant. For such cases, we recommend a mist eliminator as the first step before the odour treatment. The mist eliminator is a static mechanical filtration device that is self-draining.

High intensity scrubber

The high intensity scrubber is a proprietary Centriair system used for particle separation when we have high loads of also “larger” particles. In our world larger particles are above 10 microns. The High Intensity scrubber also cools and humidifies the airflow, ideal for a finer particle separation and odour treatment to follow. What is a High Intensity scrubber, well essentially this is a direct impact scrubber, i.e., a high energy water spray that hits the incoming air stream. The water is then treated in the system tank, where solids are separated to ensure that the total water consumption is low.

Heat recovery

Many of our customers have hot air streams that contain energy that can be used elsewhere in the plant. For instance, this may be food frying or food roasting, or drying of sludge. Typically, the air stream then contains some pollution, particles, or droplets. Centriair has two unique products here, the centrifuge that pretreats and removes the particles LINK and the compact high efficiency plate heat exchangers that we use. The plate heat exchangers give a high return temperature and for their size a high capacity. Ideally, they are operated at condensing conditions, giving a high heat transfer.


Reduce environmental and health impact

Highly effective particle and gas removal, odor elimination, aerosol and gas separation, and climate emission reduction.

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Save energy, space and costs

Ensure the highest energy efficiency, smallest footprint and lowest total cost of ownership.

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High performance assured

Assured high performance with specialized solutions for key industrial applications, controlled and verified by real-time data.

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