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Industrial exhaust air treatment with CentrOx™

Advanced particle, VOC and odour removal in the exhaust air treatment.

CentrOx™ is a unique system designed for oil mist and particle removal as well as energy recovery and odour control and is successfully applied in food processing, frying and roasting applications.

Particle separation – The centrifugal separator separates fluid particles with a disc stack rotating at up to 3000 rpm. The disc stack separates 100% of all the particles down to 1µm along with a percentage of the smaller particle sizes. The centrifuge technology allows the customer to even recover the oil emitting from the fryer.

VOC and odour removal – The centrifugal separator is followed by the ColdOx® reactor that oxidizes VOCs and eliminates odour through the use of high intensity UV, excess ozone, and photo chemical oxidation supported by special purpose catalysts.

Energy recovery – The CentrOx™ system achieves the highest level of particle separation making the exhaust gas clean and particle free. This allows for heat recovery through plate heat exchangers (rather than less efficient tube and shell heat exchangers). Savings associated with recovering and reusing the heat typically translates into a pay-back time of between one to two years for the CentrOx™ system.

Low maintenance – The centrifugal separator is delivered with a “plug and play” automatic flushing device that cleans the disc stack should any material deposit on interior surfaces, ensuring virtually maintenance free operation even in high load or “sticky” applications. Centriair offers preventive maintenance with remote monitoring and on-site intervention for all our installations.

• 100% removal of particles > 1 µm
• High odour removal performance
• Low energy consumption
• Low water consumption
• Virtually maintenance free operation even in high load or “sticky” applications
• Low cost of operation
• Compact installation
• Modular and flexible solution

Industrial exhaust air treatment with ColdOx®

Industrial exhaust air treatment: ColdOx®
Energy efficient removal of VOC and odour
ColdOx™ exhaust air treatment is an industrial VOC and odour emission reduction solution and considered within best available technologys for customers within

  • food processing
  • wastewater treatment
  • solid waste handling
  • biogas plants
  • slaughterhouses
  • other industrial process generating airborne emissions of VOCs and odour.


Higher removal and stable operation together with lower investment cost, operating cost and climate impact make ColdOx® the natural choice for odour treatment.

Reducing VOC emissions with HighOx™

For all types of VOC (volatile organic compounds)

Exhaust air purification process for the removal of high VOC loads using UV light (photo oxidation) Our HighOx™ systems remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from industrial exhaust air Even very high pollutant concentrations do not pose a problem due to our step by step adapted solutions. Our systems have proven  themselves for years in a wide variety of industrial production processes and ensure clean exhaust air, e.g. in:

• Paint and varnish production
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Chemical industry
• Automotive industry
• Waste/recycling

HighOx™ is used for exhaust air purification of VOC concentrations through special adaptation of the most powerful UV techniques and supporting photo or oxidation catalytic stages. Suitable for low to high volume flows, high concentrations and high media temperatures. Even strong emission fluctuations can be reliably treated.

• Low maintenance effort
• Simple flexible and demand oriented operation
• Low operating costs
• Low space requirement
• Easy upgrade possible

Reducing VOC emissions with ZeoOx™

For all types of VOC (volatile organic compounds)

ZeoOx™ reduces peak loaded, constantly fluctuating or low to medium VOC flows by means of suitable adsorbents using regenerative photo oxidation Material flows and peaks are equalised and/or concentrated and then fed to a combined UV catalyst stage.

In this way, degradation rates 99% can be reliably achieved at the lowest operating costs ZeoOx™ is widely and successfully used in:

• Food production and processing
• Cosmetics and flavours industry 
• Paint and varnish production
• Chemical industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Metal and automotive industry 

• suitable for fluctuating emissions and peaks
• also suitable for odorous substances
• suitable for media with humidities < 70%rh and temperatures < 40 C
• suitable for difficult to degrade compounds due to powerful emitters
• suitable for very large volume flows with low/medium concentrations
• positive energy balance due to energy recovery and extraction
• minimal CO2 footprint (compared to TNV)
• low space requirement
• power reserves available, easy to retrofit
• flexible adaptation to concentration fluctuations, dimmable
• low maintenance requirements