The Company

 Centriair Corporate Story

Centriair maintains the sustainability focus from the early years, and have , especially the last 5 years, grown from a local company to a globally recognized supplier within the odour segment.

Centriair is a Swedish company founded in 2007 by Jack Delin and Per Kaijser who used their previous experience in industrial air treatment of aerosols and applied it to VOC and odour treatment previous air treatment of aerosols to odours with Centriair. The initial focus market was industrial food processing, focusing on Crisp and French fries frying. After a few years the company entered the Solid Waste and Sewage segments. The first delivery to a Biogas plant was made in 2016. In 2018, the German office was established by Frank Seitz, with several decades of experience in VOC and odour removal.