Compact Series

Centriair ColdOx R-series

ColdOx® is a well-proven technology that combines a UV reactor with subsequent activated carbon to reduce VOC and odor emissions. Applications where ColdOx® is considered to be best available technology includes i.a. smell from drains, waste, food industry, biogas and slaughterhouses. ColdOx® has documented high reduction, up to >99%, measured in odor units per m3. ColdOx® R series is a standardized product series that is based on well-proven and established technique. With its compact design, it is easy to place in, for example, pump stations, waste rooms and others limited spaces. The device reduces odor by: 

  1. UV lighting 
  2. oxidation with  ozone 
  3. post-polishing activated carbon. 


Appreciated features of the R-Series:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Monitoring
  • Performance


Centriair ColdOx R-series models:

  • COX R150
  • COX R300
  • COX R550
  • COXR850
  • COXR1100
  • COXR1500
  • COXR1800
  • COX R2200
  • COX R2500