Separate, eliminate & control 

Together, we help our partners master the complexities of industrial air treatment by separating particles and gas streams, eliminating harmful substances and controlling performance through real-time monitoring and optimization. 

Separation Technologies

Advanced separation technologies remove harmful particles and separate aerosols, some of which can be captured and reused in industrial processes.

Elimination Technologies

Innovative catalytic and oxidative techno­logies eliminate harmful process gases and odors with low energy and maintenance costs

Control and optimization systems

Real-time monitoring, control and opti­mization systems ensure the highest levels of sustained performance.


Reduce environmental and health impact

Highly effective particle and gas removal, odor elimination, aerosol and gas separation, and climate emission reduction.

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Save energy, space and costs

Ensure the highest energy efficiency, smallest footprint and lowest total cost of ownership.

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High performance assured

Assured high performance with specialized solutions for key industrial applications, controlled and verified by real-time data.

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