Centriair develops proprietary, technology leading solutions

Energy efficient removal of airborne particles, VOCs and odour from industrial processes primarily within Food, Food Residue, Waste and Biogas Processing.

In the Food Processing industry, most of our references are within Frying applications, however we are increasingly implementing our solutions on Smoking, Roasting and Fish Processing applications. Frying applications include high temperature oil frying of products such as French fries, Crisps/Chips, Noodles, Chicken, Fish, Meat and Pastries.

In Food Residue Processing, we offer solutions for Petfood, Rendering and Slaughterhouse Waste Processing.

In Biogas and Waste Processing, we offer a broad range of technologies to reduce airborne emissions from Solid Waste Processing, Sewage Treatment and Biogas Processing.

Within these industries, we solve a broad range of emission problems through technology leading solutions with proven environmental and economic benefits. Our solutions typically have higher performance, lower operating cost and lower energy consumption than prevailing systems.

Apart from these industries, our solutions can be adapted for treating airborne emissions from other sources. Please contact us if you have an emission problem you would like to solve.