Our centrifuges, designed specifically for the food processing industry with a focus on meeting unique requirements in terms of materials, performance, temperature, and durability.

Our centrifuge separators employ a disc stack that rotates at speeds of up to 3000 rpm, effectively separating fluid particles based on their density difference from the gas. This versatile separator efficiently handles a wide range of liquid and solid particles, as well as various oils and particulates.

With no need for filtration media, maintenance is kept to a minimum, and there is no accumulation of pressure drop. This results in reduced operating costs and ensures a consistent and uninterrupted performance.

Moreover, our centrifuges are designed to occupy minimal space while maximizing productivity. Their compact installation guarantees maximum utilization of available space for enhanced efficiency.

Centrifuge for fine oil mist separation. Also handles mixed particle pollution, droplets and solid dust.

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  • Petra
  • Olga