Every gas has it´s weakness – we target it with precision

Our various applications treat all parts where clean air is needed, covering volume flows from 100 m³/h up to 320 000 m³/h

Compact Series

ColdOx® Compact is an integrated plug & play version of the larger ColdOx® systems. The standardized units, ranging from 0-2000 m3/h, comes complete with UV-reactor and a low pressure drop carbon bed, fan and control system.
As an option designated H2S prefiltration units, SulphaRed Compact, is available.

Catalytic Systems

For high concentration application as well as gases that are stable and where the ColdOx is less suitable we have developed a catalytical treatment technology. Our Catalytical technology, which we integerate into the DEO and Dualcat products ranges are based on a patented solution where the catalyst is applied on a metal net. This gives us a compact solution with good performance as the metal nets ensure a homegeneous temperature for all the treated gas.


The separators are adapted for the unique requirements of the food processing industry on materials, performance, temperature and durability. The separator separates fluid particles with a disc stack rotating at up to 3000 rpm by utilizing the density difference between the gas and the particles. The separator copes with liquid and solid particles and with a variety of oils and particulates. Separated oil is continuously evacuated and can in many cases be recovered in the fryer as it is basically unaffected by the centrifuge.

The installation is very compact and provides maximum available productive space.


The UV reactors are the practical means of applying the ColdOx technology in the field. We have a number of models, depending on airflow and other process conditions such as ATEX. The UV reactors are manufactured from stainless steel and come with integrated safety sensors and CIP (Cleaning in Place) to clean the system automatically.

Activated Carbon filters

Activated carbon filtration, or adsorption as it is called chemically, is a process where mainly VOCs are filtered away. Active carbon is especially efficient in combination with ColdOx, as the two technologies have their max performance for complementary types of gases. In addition the active carbon destroys ozone that is created by the ColdOx to ensure no ozone is in the outlet air. In the same process a cleaning effect of the carbon occurs that extends the active carbon life.

Sulphared filters

Sewage and biogas are applications where H2S and other sulphur compounds occur in high concentrations. Several sulphur compounds have high odour activity, in fact they are come of the most odorous compounds that are known. The SulphaRed media reduces only the sulphur compounds and may be used as the only stage or in combination with ColdOx as the final treatment for remaining VOCs etc. The SulphaRed has a high capacity for sulphur compounds and therefore offers long life and attractive operational costs


Scrubbing, i.e. removal of gases by absorption into a water phase, is a well known technology. We operate mainly acid scrubbers for ammonia removal ahead of a ColdOx system for high and stable performance. Application areas are typically composting, sewage plants or biogas plants.