Efficient H2S removal

Reduced Sulphur compounds (e.g. Mercaptanes and H2S) have an aggressive smell and reduction must reach high levels for significant odour reduction to occur. When concentration is high (>5 – 15 ppm), we recommend to pretreat the process gas before treatment in the ColdOx™ unit.

SulphaRed™ is an adsorption agent based on iron hydroxide. H2S is removed through the same reactions as in the CIF unit, however the SulphaRed™ media bed has a much larger surface area, enhancing the adsorption capacity.


Depending on the composition of the gas stream and the performance requirements, the CIF and SulphaRed™ units can be installed separately or in sequence, where in such case the CIF unit is used to reduce the load on the SulphaRed™ media.

Sulphared is a chemical adsorption agent based on an inert metal based media. It will adsorb the hydrogen sulphide and convert it to a sulphur salt. The bed is partly regenerated by oxygen whereby elementary sulphur is formed.