Centriair AB develops proprietary solutions for energy efficient removal of airborne particles, VOCs and odor from industrial processes, namely:

ColdOx™ – oxidation of VOCs through the use of high intensity UV, excess ozone, and photo chemical oxidation supported by special purpose catalysts. Oxidation rates of up to 98% at ambient temperatures with minimum energy requirement and ozone slip.

Centrifugal separation – advanced centrifugal separation of liquid or solid particles from the process gas.

CentrOx™ – combines advanced centrifugal separation with the ColdOx™ system in the case where particles in solid or droplet form are present in the gas stream.

DualCat™ – is an energy efficient two-step catalytic system designed to remove sulfur compunds, mercaptanes, aromatics and methane slip. It is typically used to treat gases from anaerobic digestion, digestate and methane upgrading.

SulphaRed™ – is a pretreatment system to remove reduced Sulphur compounds prior to VOC removal in case where concentrations are high (> 100 ppm).


The ColdOx™ and CentrOx™ systems have been developed together with customers and KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm over the course of several years and have resulted in several innovations.

Our systems have been widely adopted by the food and organic waste processing industries since 2007. Please click here for selected references.