Other applications

In addition to the processes listed above Centriair offers air treatment solutions in other applications.


  • Lubrication of pans, moulds etc
  • Fugitive streams in production after fryer
  • Spraying
  • Fat steam from hot products

Typically these applications have flows that are slightly lower than direct fryer installations. Even though the flows may be lower, these flows can cause significant problems. As an example, even small flows can cause heavy smells in the production halls resulting in great inconvenience for the personnel. Also, as the air is typically saturated with fat, downfall on machinery and installations is common, leading to increased cleaning and maintenance costs as well as downtime.

Centrair offers a range of small machines from flows of 500 m3/h and up that are well suited for such applications.


The unique capabilities of an air centrifuge makes it well suited for solving these problems, mainly due to high separation capacity and the compact installation. Installations such as these typically run for very long times without any intervention needs.

UV can be needed. If so Centriair adds an active carbon step to filter out all ozone.


  • Low maintenance and maximum process uptime
  • Low odor values
  • Cleaner piping and reduced fire hazard
  • Low energy consumption
  • A compact installation


Please feel free to download our Product leaflets on Odor Removal , Particle removalEnergy recovery and about the Olga centrifuge.