ColdOx™ Compact

ColdOx Compact is the latest addition of odour treatment products from Centriair AB. Thanks to its relatively small size it is easy to install in waste rooms, pumphouses and other facilities with limited space. The equipment treats odour with a combination of Cold Oxidation and Active Carbon. The technological innovations from Centriair allows the carbon filters to be recharged through the ColdOx treatment increasing performance and the useful lifetime compared to other filters.

During the process of odour removal, ColdOx Compact uses precisely same technologies and methods as our large-scale products. This ensures a standard air purification rate of 95% which the company has reached through research and continuous product development. The product consists of a carbon filter, UV frame and a fan. Once the process air enters ColdOx Compact with 150 m3/h it gets exposed to ozone emitted from the UV- lamps and gets sucked into the carbon. The product comes with perforated surface for those who want to install it outdoors. With this configuration the purified air leaves the ColdOx Compact without any additional piping.

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