Centriair Selected to Build the Air Pollution and Odor Control System at the Rialto Bioenergy Facility in California


Lake Mathews, CA, USA – January 4, 2019 – The South Coast Air Quality Management District has awarded Centriair and Anaergia a $4.35M grant to eliminate air emissions from the Rialto Bioenergy facility’s biosolids dewatering, drying, and handling operations.



The Rialto Bioenergy facility takes wastewater biosolids to produce biogas that is then added to the natural gas pipeline system. The biosolids are heat dried to kill any remaining pathogens, ultimately creating a safe fertilizer product. Drying biosolids generates not only odors but also excessive amounts of air emissions that are harmful to the environment. Dr. Anders Wistrom, CEO of Centriair (USA) was quoted “we are thrilled to make this partnership with Anaergia and the Air Quality Management District. We can showcase the versatility of Centriair’s near zero emissions technologies to a wider audience as new waste-toenergy facilities are being planned and constructed in California and elsewhere in the United States.”


This project addresses both air quality and climate goals. Replacing the high temperature thermal oxidization unit with ColdOxTM not only eliminates the cost for the fuel required for heating but also eliminates emissions of carbon dioxide, organic pollutants, and nitrogen and sulfur oxides. Eliminating nitrogen and sulfur oxide emissions reduce the potential for the formation of small particles that can be inhaled and penetrate deeply into sensitive parts of the lungs and cause serious health problems.


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