Roasting & Smoking

Roasting applications include roasting of Coffee beans, Peanuts, Cocoa beans, Nuts, Tea and Malt. Smoking applications include primarily smoking of Meats and Fish, though Cheese, Vegetables, and Malt are also smoked.

In Roasting applications we deliver energy efficient, low maintenance solutions for removal of particles, VOC and odour from the roasting gas. Depending on the requirements, the solution can be limited to removal of particles trough centrifugal separation, or include a full CentrOx™ system to remove particles, VOC and odour.

100% of particles > 1 micron and up to 98% of VOCs are removed along with significant odour reduction.

The CentrOx™ system has been adapted to manage the specific challenges associated with cleaning of roast gas:

First, VOCs are condensed in a quench whereby liquid particles are formed. Liquid and solid particles are then separated by a Centrifugal Separator and evacuated for incineration. The heat from the roaster oven is recovered (optional) in a fume scrubber and water soluble VOCs are removed. Remaining VOCs are removed in a ColdOx™ unit through high intensity UV, excess ozone, and photo chemical oxidation supported by special purpose catalysts.

Compared to afterburners, the system typically enables energy savings of 30-50%. Additional energy is saved if heat is recovered.