Food Processing

In Food Processing, most of our references are within Frying applications, however we are increasingly implementing our solutions on Smoking, Roasting and Fish Processing applications.


Frying applications include high temperature oil frying of products such as French fries, Crisps/Chips, Noodles, Chicken, Fish, Meat and Pastries.

Roasting applications include roasting of Coffee beans, Peanuts, Cocoa beans, Nuts Tea and Malt. Smoking applications include primarily smoking of Meats and Fish, though Cheese, Vegetables, and Malt are also smoked.

Centriair’s solutions provides energy efficient, low maintenance cleaning of Food processing gases and removes particles, VOC and odour down to the strictest environmental standards.

Depending on how your process is set up and what your needs are, we adapt our system to fit your specific process.

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Link to our product leaflet for food frying – odour and particle treatment.