Advanced particle, VOC and odour removal

CentrOx™ is an industrial particle, VOC and odour emission reduction solution for customers within industrial food processing, energy production, plastic and rubber manufacturing, painting and paint manufacturing and other industrial processes generating airborne emissions of particles, VOCs and odour.

CentrOx™ combines ColdOx™ – Centriair’s solution for VOC and odour removal – with ef­ficient removal of particles through advanced centrifugal separation in the case where solid or liquid particles are present in the gas stream.

Particle separation – The centrifugal separator separates fluid particles with a disc stack rotating at up to 3000 rpm. The disc stack separates 100% of all the particles down to 1 µm and 82% of all particles down to 0.75 µm along with a percentage of the smaller particle sizes.

VOC and odour removal – The centrifugal separator is followed by the ColdOx™ reactor that oxidizes VOCs and eliminates odour through the use of high intensity UV, excess ozone, and photo chemical oxidation supported by special purpose catalysts.

Energy recovery – The CentrOx™ system typically achieves particle removal of more than 95% and odour reduction of more than 90%. This allows for heat recovery through plate heat exchangers (rather than less effi­cient tube and shell heat exchangers). Savings associated with recovering and reusing the heat typically translates into a pay-back time of between one to two years for the CentrOx™ system.

Low maintenance – The centrifugal separator is delivered with a “plug and play” automatic flushing device, CIP™, that cleans the disc stack should any material deposit on interior surfaces, ensuring virtually maintenance free operation even in high load or “sticky” applications.


Key benefi­ts:

  • 100% removal of particles > 1 μm
  • High odour removal performance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low water consumption
  • Virtually maintenance free operation
  • Low cost of operation
  • Compact installation
  • Modular and flexible solution

Download brochure: CentrOx™ – advanced particle, VOC and odour removal