Centrifugal separation

Advanced centrifugal separation

In cooperation with 3nine, the world leading gas separation company, Centriair offers advanced centrifugal separators. The separators are adapted for the unique requirements of the food processing industry on materials, performance, temperature and durability.


The separator separates fluid particles with a disc stack rotating at up to 3000 rpm by utilizing the density difference between the gas and the particles. The separator copes with liquid and solid particles and with a variety of oils and particulates.

The disc stack creates an air barrier on the outside of the stack, preventing larger particles from entering the stack and throws them onto the inner wall of the chamber. This prevents the disc stack from clogging. Particles smaller than 10 µm enter the disc stack, where 100% of all the particles down to 1µm and 82% of all particles down to 0.75 µm will be separated along with a percentage of the smaller particle sizes.

As no filtratation media is used, maintenance is very limited and there is no build-up of pressure drop. This translates into lower operating costs and continuous, stable performance.

Separated oil is continuously evacuated and can in many cases be recovered in the fryer as it is basically unaffected by the centrifuge.

The installation is very compact and provides maximum available productive space.

Energy consumption is significantly lower than in many alternative air treatment technologies.

The separator is delivered with a “plug and play” automatic flushing device, CIP™, that cleans the disc stack should any material deposit on interior surfaces, ensuring virtually maintenance free operation even in high load or “sticky” applications.